The Hearing Co. Just Dropped Their Prices By 80%

In Celebration Of A New Advancement To Their Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Since they were founded, The Hearing Co. has believed re-investing profits into making their hearing aids better and better is the only way to do business.

And so they set out to improve their original (& shockingly successful) hearing aids as much as possible. But of course, they needed somewhere to start.

Looking at their options, they saw most retailers start by improving sound quality.

After all, everyone wants hearing aids with audio that’s as clear as possible - letting them hear the voices of their grandchildren and spouse without having to strain or watch TV with the volume at 25, instead of 60.

But with the praise they were already receiving on their sound quality, The Hearing Co. chose to make improvements in other areas.

Below are just a few of the many glowing reviews on the sound quality of their original hearing aids:

“Been wearing hearing aids for 15 years, from unaffordable $6000 to affordable $200. I am more pleased with the units I received from you folks, from a hearing standpoint than anything else I’ve had previously” - Rick W.

“My 92 yo mother loves these hearing aids. For the first time in several years she could hear me talking in another room!!!” - Karen L.

“I had spent over two thousand dollars on a set of hearing aids in the past and they don’t even begin to compare in terms of sound quality. These hearing company aids are excellent” - Ronald P.

“Happy to recommend these. Changed my life!!” - Frederik K.

“Exactly as described. The quality of hearing is amazing.. I was able to hear what my family was saying without interfering background noise” - Megan R.

“I purchased these to see how much hearing aids would help me. I was blown away at how good they are. They are great hearing devices.” - Randy L.

Customers Already Loved Their Clear Sound Quality & Invisible Fit

With the sound quality of their hearing aids already being top-notch, the next area they considered improving was the overall design.

But since The Hearing Co.'s hearing aids used a CIC (Completely-In-Canal) design, many of the problems traditional hearing aids have were already fixed.

  • Inserts directly into your ear canal, with a secure & comfy fit
  • They’re nearly invisible from the outside, making them extremely discreet
  • You’re able to wear hats and glasses without your hearing aids getting in the way
  • There’s nothing hanging from the back of your ear to irritate your skin

It would be silly to say their hearing aids were perfect, but their current approach wasn’t giving them any ways to improve. It was time to go back to the drawing board.

"The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids On The Market"

Determined to build on the success of their original hearing aids, The Hearing Co. decided to survey their customers, asking what features were most important to them.

And to their surprise, it wasn’t sound quality. It wasn’t design and it wasn’t anything to do with fancy bells or whistles..

In fact, 88% of customers said rechargeable batteries were hands down the most important feature to them.

And so The Hearing Co. got to work on creating what could be considered “the best rechargeable hearing aids on the market”.

After 7 months of prototypes, research and development, their version two rechargeable hearing aids launched just last week with 4 amazing improvements:

Not only did they improve the battery life to 48 hours, they were able to reduce the charge time to just 4 hours (which can be left to charge overnight)! They even made the charging case easier to use with a new streamlined charging cable and magnetically assisted charging port.

The Hearing Co. Offers You 80% Off (& A Lot More!)

With The Hearing Co. finally being able to offer an improved version of their hearing aids to customers, they believed it was reason to celebrate. 

And not just with a small celebration.. Say 25% off, but something completely over-the-top. After all, this is a huge deal to them and they want to pass the excitement along.

So just last Monday, The Hearing Co. slashed their prices down to 80% off.

Which (as you can imagine) is not something they can do forever and with that, will be extremely limited.

In fact, by the time you’re reading this, their offer may no longer be available. 

Anyway, the offer includes more than just 80% off...

If you're one of the lucky few to get in on this over-the-top deal, you’ll also be receiving a free lifetime warranty that covers every single kind of damage - including manufacture defect, accidental drops, water damage, and more. 

On top of this, you'll also be receiving free shipping, 8 ear dome replacements in multiple sizes, 2 sets of wax guards, an adjustment tool, a user manual, a quick start guide, and 24/7 customer support.

To see if this deal is still available, click the button below.

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