Anyone Who’s Noticed Their Hearing Get Worse Needs To Read This

It’s normal for our hearing to fade over time, but just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s safe.

In fact, it’s downright dangerous.

And it all starts when people notice their hearing getting worse, but do nothing about it… Because their hearing "isn’t THAT bad”.

Which may be true, but the longer one waits to address hearing loss, the more at risk they are to a very serious problem.

The Scary Effects Even Mild Hearing Loss Can Have

It all starts with how our hearing works in the first place.

Simply put, our ears take sound waves from all around us and “convert” them into signals which are sent to the brain. Our brain then “makes sense” of all these signals, letting us hear sounds.

Which is excellent. In fact, the parts of our brain responsible for hearing get a “workout” of sorts every time these signals are sent.

The problem though begins when these signals get weaker. Which can be caused by even very mild hearing loss. 

Because when the signals get weaker, parts of the brain that are responsible for hearing start to atrophy, meaning they get smaller and weaker - just like a muscle, the less this part of the brain is used, the weaker it gets. 

Which can lead to serious problems, including dementia.

In fact, recent study done by Johns Hopkins which “tracked 639 adults for nearly 12 years found that mild hearing loss doubled dementia risk, moderate loss tripled risk and those with severe hearing loss were 5 times more likely to develop dementia.”

How Do I Know If I Actually Have Hearing Loss?

If you have to ask people to “speak up” and repeat themselves in normal conversation…

Or have had friends and family constantly comment on your hearing…

Which could even be “normal” most of the time, until certain parts of conversation are hard to understand because it sounds like mumbling…

Or if you’ve had to turn the television up to higher levels than normal…

Then you could very well be experiencing hearing loss.

Which, even if it’s “just” very mild, needs to be taken care of right away. 

In fact, anyone who’s waited to address their hearing loss will tell you “my biggest regret was waiting so long. I didn’t think my hearing was all that bad which made me think hearing aids were a waste of time & money.”

Fixing Hearing Loss Is Far Easier (& Way More Affordable) Than You May Think

Up until recently, there were only two options for those with hearing loss: 

1. Doing absolutely nothing and running the risk of dementia, while putting strain on your relationships, and isolating yourself from your friends and family, or…

2. Getting traditional hearing aids

Now, if your hearing loss is only mild or moderate, you can definitely get traditional hearing aids, but there’s no need!

They’re extremely overpriced, take a lot of time to get your hands on, need constant maintenance, are hard to use and look terrible.

Unfortunately, most people think that traditional hearing aids are their only option and end up doing nothing about their hearing loss, because they don’t think they’re “ready” for traditional hearing aids.

Which really is too bad, because if only there was a more affordable, user friendly and more specialized solution out there, these people would be able to experience the joy of hearing clearly, without the negative effects of waiting too long.

Luckily, There Is Another Option For Those Experiencing Hearing Loss!

Just recently, thanks to a revolutionary advancement in hearing technology, there’s a brand new and incredible solution for people experiencing hearing loss: The ClarityPro, exclusively made by The Hearing Co.

The ClarityPro helps people with mild to moderate hearing loss hear clearly again in the same way a traditional hearing aid would, but with 5 key differences:

They’re extremely affordable, very easy to use, require no hearing test or prescription, work right out of the box, and they’re nearly invisible.

Which makes ClarityPro a highly advanced, rechargeable hearing aid that has taken everything good about traditional hearing aids and made them better, while removing all the drawbacks.

And even though ClarityPro uses cutting-edge technology, has crystal clear sound quality and is FDA-registered, it’s still extremely affordable, nearly invisible when worn & easy to use.

Which was made possible by getting rid of all the lengthy processes, doctor’s fees, clinic visits, middle men and sales reps, leaving you with an extremely affordable and easy experience.

In fact, with ClarityPro, there’s no need for a prescription or even a hearing test as one of it’s stand-out features is that you’re able to adjust the volume to exactly what you need.

How Does ClarityPro Work?

ClarityPro uses 3 main professional-grade audio components, including a microphone, amplifier smart chip and speaker, which work together to help you hear clearly again, while reducing feedback and background noise.

Outside sounds come in though the microphone, which then electronically sends this “raw” sound to the smart chip. 

The smart chip then cancels out background noise and feedback, while keeping the sound as natural and pure as possible. 

This “filtered” sound is then sent to the speaker, which plays directly into your ear. Allowing for crystal clear hearing, especially for voices and speech.

Which makes ClarityPro the best option on the market for people looking to restore their hearing, without making the HUGE jump to traditional hearing aids.

Who Can Use ClarityPro?

We’d love to say ClarityPro can be used by anyone and everyone, but that wouldn’t be the truth.

And that’s because ClarityPro was made for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Anything more than that, and you’ll only be able to use traditional hearing aids.

Which is yet another reason to give ClarityPro a try today, and not in years when traditional hearing aids will be your only option.

More specifically though, with ClarityPro taking all the good parts of traditional hearing aids and making them better, while removing all the bad, ClarityPro is the best option on the market for the following people:

  • People with mild or moderate hearing loss, who don’t think it’s time for traditional hearing aids just yet, but want to be able to enjoy life without limitations
  • People who think hearing aids are outrageously priced
  • People who want a straight forward, easy-to-use hearing aid 
  • People who don’t want to go through all the hoops and jumps for getting traditional hearing aids
  • People who are tired of having their audiologist take advantage of them
  • People who need a back-up or second set of hearing aids
  • People who want to try a completely in ear, invisible hearing aid
  • Anyone who wants to hear clearly once again!

Our Final Verdict Is: ClarityPro Is The Best Option On The Market

Not only does ClarityPro offer crystal clear audio, with no feedback, it also has an extremely long rechargeable battery life of 48 hours and it’s nearly invisible once inserted into your ears.

You’re able to start wearing ClarityPro right away with no complicated set up, audiologist visits, prescriptions or even a hearing test. They’re ready to use right out of the box and the entire process from ordering, to enjoying crystal clear hearing can be done from the comfort of your home.

Plus, the company behind ClarityPro - The Hearing Co. - gives you an entire year to decide if ClarityPro is for you… and if it isn’t, they’ll issue you a full refund without any hassle.

If you choose to keep your ClarityPro, The Hearing Co. gives you a full (& free) lifetime warranty that covers all manufacture defects and user error, including water damage, falls, and more! They even cover lost parts.

So don’t wait any longer, try ClarityPro today and enjoy living your life with complete freedom and clear hearing, free from the negative effects caused by waiting too long!

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