How I Bought A Great Pair Of Hearing Aids On A Retirement Budget

To my fellow friends on a retirement budget, it really is possible to get good hearing aids without breaking the bank.

And not just some good basic hearing aids, but full on rechargeable ones with clear audio, that are comfortable, discreet, and surprisingly small.

Like the ones pictured above, which I was able to pick up just a few months ago for a ridiculously good price.

Nearly Invisble When In Your Ear

Now I’d love to take credit for finding these, but that wouldn’t be fair to my friend Rob.

See Rob and I started losing our hearing around the same time (our wives could tell you all about it)..

But only Rob did something about it nearly right away.

Which I had no idea about up until one day he pulled a hearing aid out of his ear.

I was shocked.

We’d spent nearly the whole day together and I never once noticed he was wearing hearing aids.

I asked him to explain and apparently he’d been wearing them for months!

Lets You Hear Voices Clearly Again

He continued on about how much he liked them, how he could hear voices really clearly again and how the hearing aids were nearly invisible once he had them in.

And after talking to him a bit more..

Actually, a better way of putting it is after listening to Rob talk up a storm about how much he loves his new hearing aids for nearly half an hour, I decided I’d get myself a pair as well.

After all I desperately needed hearing aids and one of the main things he talked about was how good of a deal he got.

So I asked Rob where I could find them and he said he originally saw an ad for them on facebook, but that I could order them directly through the company (called the hearing co.)

And once I got home that day, that’s exactly what I did. I got myself a pair of hearing aids on the spot, which is something I’d never normally do.

See I’m a natural skeptic and with any purchase I take my time to do research, read reviews and see what others think.

But after Rob’s recommendation, none of that mattered. Because Rob isn’t only a really good friend of mine, he’d been a professional audio technician for 47 years before retiring.

Rob knows his stuff and if he says these hearing aids are good, theres no chance they aren’t!

Comes With A Lifetime Warranty

Anyway, fast forward to the day my new hearing aids arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to find them delivered in a sturdy box.

Which when I opened had a very detailed and in depth user manual inside.

Not that I really needed it..

See, the founder of the company sends a couple emails to everyone who orders his hearing aids to say thank you, send updates on their order and also send them a digital copy of the owners manual as well as video tutorials going over everything you need to know.

To be completely honest, the hearing aids are really easy to use, but all the help is still a nice touch.

One really useful thing the manual went over though was their lifetime warranty. It’s unlimited meaning it’ll cover manufacture defects, any damage I could accidentally cause, and literally any other sort of damage.

Anyway, underneath the manual I found 2 sets of wax guards, a charging cable, a charging case along with the two hearing aids, a bunch of different sizes of ear domes and a cleaning brush with an adjustment tool.

Adjustable Volume For Your Exact Needs

The adjustment tool of course is what you’re able to use - really easily - to adjust the volume on the hearing aids.

Which was a huge deal for me considering one ear is worse than the other and with these I was able to adjust the volume to exactly what I needed.

Of course the adjustment is great even for people with the same hearing loss in both ears.

And if you’re wondering, they’re adjustable for up to 70 dB of hearing support which means they’ll be good for mild all the way to moderately severe hearing loss.

Talking about hearing, when I put them in for the first time I was truly blown away.

Not only was I able to hear the TV playing a few rooms away, but when I went to go tell my wife the good news I was able to hear her voice so clearly - something I wasn’t able to do for months now.

I wish I could put it into words better, but the feeling of being able to hear *everything* again made me feel free, young, and ready to take on the world again!

Extra Small, With A Perfect In Ear Fit

Let’s get back to the hearing aids though..

As I saw firsthand with Rob, they’re nearly invisible once you’ve got them in.

No wonder, they’re so small! 0.8 inches long by 0.5 inches wide to be exact.

But even with them being so small, the controls were still extremely easy to use and getting them in and out of my ears was just as easy.

They’d definitely fit in a smaller ear, but to my surprise even with a larger ear they stay in place perfectly.

All thanks to the different size ear domes they came with.

Once I picked which ear dome fit best, the hearing aids were really comfortable, stayed in place even when I moved around and didn’t make any hissing or howling noises or any feedback for that matter.

The icing on the cake though is how you’re able to recharge them. To this day I’ll put them in the charging case for a couple hours and be able to use them for days before they need another charge.

What’s really cool though is how you’re able to charge them on the go without a power source, since the case itself has built in batteries that lets it charge your hearing aids up to 4 times.

A Special Offer For My Readers

Overall these hearing aids Rob recommended were (& definitely still are) amazing. In fact, I’d recommend them 10 times over, especially if you’re looking for a good deal..

Which is exactly why I decided to reach out to the company who makes these to see if I could get an even better deal for my readers.

And to my surprise, they agreed! - To a whole 80% off for any of my readers that order today.

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