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5 Reasons Why Thousands Of Americans Are Buying Hearing Aids From The Hearing Co.

Here are the 5 big reasons everyone's saying goodbye to "traditional" hearing aids, and instead enjoying premium sound quality from these rechargeable, extra-discreet hearing aids.

1. Fully Rechargeable

You'll never have to spend money on or struggle with batteries again!

On just a 4 hour charge our hearing aids will give you continous, crystal clear hearing support for 48 hours.

For added convenience, the portable charging case can fully charge your hearing aids up to 4 times on-the-go without a power source.

2. Nearly Invisible Fit

Once fully inserted, our hearing aids are completely invisible from the front and only slightly visible from the side.

Making them so discreet, no-one will ever know you're wearing hearing aids.

On top of that, they're extra comfy, stay in your ears all day long, and best of all..

You can wear glasses and hats without any issue!

3. Premium Sound Quality

Everything you struggle to hear will become crystal clear again - voices, the TV, and even phone calls.

All without squealing, whistling or any other kind of feedback.

In fact, most customers who've had "traditional" hearing aids in the past were shocked by the sound quality of ours.


4. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

The Hearing Co. is the only hearing aid company offering an unlimited lifetime warranty.

That means if you ever drop your hearing aids, step on them, or they just stop working, they'll be replaced for you - completely free of charge.

Not only does the warranty cover your hearing aids, but everything else that comes in the box!

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We've just released the newest version of our hearing aids, which includes an easier to use charger as well as a longer battery life of 48 hours.

And to celebrate their release, we've dropped our prices by 80% for the next 24 hours.

Along with that, if you order within the next 24 hours, shipping will be free and you'll recieve a free lifetime warranty as well!

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Micro CIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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