Please read through (or watch) the entire quick start guide and follow it closely to make sure our hearing aids work perfectly for you.

The Hearing Co. Quick Start Guide

It means the absolute world to us that you’re able to fully enjoy your hearing aids. Which is exactly why we put this quick guide together to make sure your new hearing aids are set up perfectly before you start using them!

We’ve made sure to make the following guide quick and easy to understand, so please make sure to follow all 4 steps before using your hearing aids for the first time.

Right below this text, you'll see a video version of our quick start guide. If you'd prefer to read our quick start guide, you may do so below the video.

Step #1: Fully Charge Your Hearing Aids

Before going into any of the following steps, make sure your hearing aids are fully charged.

All you have to do is connect your charging case to a power source (charging cube, portable charger, or even a computer) and let your hearing aids charge until the blue light turns off - indicating they’re fully charged.

One important thing to note is that our hearing aids are pre-charged before they ship, so during your first at-home charge it’s normal for the blue lights to turn off rather quickly.

Step #2: Practice Inserting Your Hearing Aids Correctly

This is by far the most important part of our guide. If you don’t know how to insert your hearing aids correctly, they’ll never fit properly, it’ll be hard to get them out and there’s a chance they’ll squeal.

Before we get into inserting your hearing aids correctly, please make sure they’re turned off and have the smallest ear dome on them as it’ll make practicing much easier.

Once they’re turned off and you have the smallest ear dome attached, please use your dominant hand to grab your hearing aid by each side using your thumb and index finger (being careful not to touch the microphone).

Then with your non-dominant hand, please pull your ear lobe back and insert your hearing aid directly into your inner ear canal.

Below you’ll find the 4 steps to inserting your hearing aids properly, along with pictures.

Inserting Your Hearing Aids - Step #1

Pull your ear lobe back with your non-dominant hand, which makes inserting your hearing aid much easier.

Inserting Your Hearing Aids - Step #2

Using your dominant hand, grab the sides of your hearing aid with your thumb and index finger, being careful not to touch the microphone. Then start to insert your hearing aid into your inner ear canal.

Inserting Your Hearing Aids - Step #3

Continue inserting your hearing aid until it’s fully inside your inner ear canal.

Inserting Your Hearing Aids - Step #4

Your hearing aid should now be fully inserted. Make sure it looks like the picture on the right, with the adjustment dial at the bottom and the pull wire at the top. If you’re having trouble, feel free to get someone to help you for the first few times.

Step #3: Choose The Right Sized Ear Dome

Now that you know the proper way to insert your hearing aids, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right sized ear domes to ensure a comfortable fit.

We suggest moving from the smallest ear domes all the way up to the largest and then going back to whichever fit you best.

If you’re having trouble removing and attaching your ear domes, we have an in-depth tutorial on our website at

If you’d prefer to call us, we’re available by telephone at +1 (437) 292-3801

Step #4: Use Your Hearing Aids!

Before using your hearing aids for the first time, make sure the volume dial is adjusted nearly all the way down (turn the dial counter-clockwise).

Then turn your hearing aids on and insert them using the same technique you practiced in step 2, making sure to stay clear from the microphone at all times.

As you get used to your hearing aids over the next few hours, feel free to adjust the volume up to the point where you’re satisfied with your hearing, but no more - if the volume is set too high, it runs the chance of producing feedback or hurting your ears.

We're Here For You!

Thank you for taking your time to go through this quick start guide! If you’re unsure of any of the steps or you have any questions, feel free to email us at or give us a call at +1 (437) 292-3801

We also have an in-depth troubleshooting guide on our website, which can be accessed at

As well as an easy-to-follow set of video tutorials, which can be accessed at