The Hearing Co. Video Tutorials

Every so often one of our amazing customers will send us an email asking about replacing ear domes, inserting their hearing aids, and other quick questions. So we decided to create a list of video tutorials to help you and our other customers get everything they expected and more out of our hearing aids :)

Replacing Ear Domes

While our hearing aids were in development, a big improvement we wanted to make was firmly mounted ear domes - we didn't want them coming off in people's ears! With that though, it's made them a bit tricky to get on and off.

So here's a quick video along with an explaination below

To remove the eardomes from your hearing aids, all you have to do is pinch them gently and pull them away as shown in the video above.

To put a new eardome onto your hearing aids, please first fold it inside out, then insert the hearing aid into it at a slight angle. After your hearing aid is inserted firmly, flip the eardome right side in again.

Putting Your Hearing Aids In & Pulling Them Out

Before showing you how to insert your hearing aids, it's very important to make sure you don't cover the microphone as you insert them. While our hearing aids have no feedback while in use, if they're not inserted correctly they will produce a loud squeal until they're placed in correctly. To avoid any feedback while inserting your hearing aids, please make sure to hold it like shown below without covering the microphone.

When you're ready to insert your hearing aids, please do so by following the video below. If they don't fit properly or you start hearing feedback, you'll have to switch out the eardomes for a smaller or larger size.

The process of removing your hearing aids is even simpler, with all you having to do it pull the pull-wire. See video below for demonstration.

Adjusting The Amount Of Hearing Support/Volume

Our hearing aids let you adjust the amount of hearing support to exactly what you require, up to 70 dB. To do so, there's a dial on the back of each hearing aid which can be turned with your finger or the provided adjustment tool, which is shown below. When inserting your hearing aids for the first time, please make sure the volume is turned to a low setting!

Charging Your Hearing Aids

Charging our hearing aids is easy! All you have to do is plop them down into the charging case and they'll be "sucked in" magnetically. Then take the provided charging cable and plug it into the back of the case!

For the first ever charge, we recommend charging them for 6 hours. Then for every charge after, 4 hours is all you need (you can leave them to charge overnight if you wish though). Run time is about 48 hours depending on the amount of hearing support you use.

An added bonus is that the charging case itself can charge your hearing aids fully up to 4 times on-the-go, without a power source!

Have Any Other Questions?

If we missed anything or you'd like to ask us a specific question, feel free to email us at