Natural Ear Wax Removal Spray

Natural Ear Wax Removal Spray

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Relieves Itchy Ears Within Minutes

Using a combination of natural oils, our removal drops gently soften & dissolve ear wax in minutes! Leaving you with squeaky clean ears, no more annoying itchiness and being able to hear much more clearly.

Not to mention, your hearing aids will stay working perfectly for years to come, with them never getting clogged up and filled with ear wax.

Simply place 2 drops within your ears, wait a couple minutes and all ear wax will come out on it's own, or you can use a Q-tip if you'd prefer.

Subscription Details

Our ear wax removal drops are currently only available as a subscription, where a new bottle will be delivered to you every 30 or 60 days. The reason we only offer our drops as a subscription is because they're meant to be used on a daily basis, to ensure clean and healthy ears!

Luckily, your subscription is extremely easy to cancel (simply send us an email at and it'll be cancelled immediately).

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide our ear wax removal drops aren't for you, we're more than happy to cancel your subscription and issue you a full refund right away. No questions asked and absolutely no hassle :)