The Hearing Co. Troubleshooting Guide

Having trouble with our hearing aids? You're in the right place! Luckily, nearly all common issues are extremely easy to fix and in this guide we'll be showing you exactly that.

If you'd like us to help you out directly, please email us at

The Earpiece Is Falling Out Of My Ears

Please make sure to try all 4 sizes of our ear domes as the most common reason the earpiece will fall out is because the ear dome you're using is either too small or too large. If you'd like us to send you either larger or smaller ear domes, we'd be more than happy to! Simply send us an email at

There's also a really good chance your body is temporarily producing more ear wax now that you're wearing hearing aids. Please try thoroughly cleaning both your ears and your hearing aids!

The Whole Hearing Aid Is Slipping/Wobbling

The two most common reasons for this happening are:

1. The skin behind your ear has gotten sweaty/slippery and so has the hearing aid. In this case, please make sure to clean both the hearing aid and behind your ear.


2. Your hearing aids aren't around your ear correctly. Below is an example of a "bad" fit as well as how to fix it!

Luckily, it's really easy to get your BTE hearing aids fitting perfectly.

The first step is making sure the earpiece is far enough into your ear canal. The second step is to make sure the wire coming out of the earpiece is pointing upwards and the third step is to make sure the wire is snugly tucked between the top of your ear and your head, while the rest of the wire stays as close to your skin as possible.

The video below shows this best!

After you get your BTE hearing aids fitting perfectly, they'll stay in place securely (& extremely comfortably), let you wear glasses and even hats!

There's No Sound Coming From My Hearing Aids

If you're not noticing an improvement in your hearing, it's from 1 of 2 reasons. The first being your hearing aids have fully drained their batteries/they're low on battery and the solution is simple - please fully charge your hearing aids and they'll be working just fine!

The second reason could be that your volume dial is turned all the way down. In order for our hearing aids to work, the volume dial needs to be slightly above minimal.

My Hearing Aids Are Making A Clicking / Tapping Sound

A clicking sound can only be caused by one thing: a flat or nearly flat battery. Once you fully charge your hearing aids, the clicking sound will be gone!

I'm Getting Whistling From My Hearing Aids

Whistling or any kind of feedback can be extremely annoying, but luckily it's really easy to fix. In fact, when all the following steps are followed properly, our hearing aids produce no feedback whatsoever!

#1: Make Sure You're Wearing The Right Size Ear Domes

Since each order comes with 4 different sizes of ear domes, we suggest you try all 4 and pick the one that fits best. If you're having trouble replacing the ear domes, here's a link to our video tutorials (click here)

Once you find the ear dome size that fits best, continue using it to make sure you don't experience any whistling or other feedback.

#2: Your Volume Is Turned Up Too Loud

Another common cause of whistling is having the volume turned up too loud for your needs. Our hearing aids can provide up to 80 dB of hearing support, but only a few of our customers ever need it.

You should only ever turn the volume up enough to hear normally again and no more. We suggest to start off with the volume dial turned all the way down and then slowly adjust it upwards until you reach a point where you're able to hear clearly again, without any whistling or feedback.

#3: You're Not Wearing Your Hearing Aids Properly

Please ensure they fit similarly to the picture below

#4: They're Not Fully Charged

If your hearing aids are low on battery, they won't function as they should. Please make sure they're fully charged before using them.

#5: There's Earwax Build-Up In Your Ears Or On The Hearing Aids

If there's excessive earwax in your ears or covering your hearing aids, they'll produce feedback. Make sure to thourougly clean your ears with a Q-Tip, wax removal device or by seeing your doctor. Once your ear canals are clean, make sure your hearing aids are clean as well and then re-insert them. All feedback should be gone!

I Have Other Questions.. Help Me!

To this day, there isn't a single issue with our hearing aids we haven't been able to resolve over the phone. If you're still having trouble with your hearing aids or your question wasn't answered here, please send us an email at